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Stories in Color & Pattern


May 15 - June 9, 2008



A Columbia County resident, Roberta Meyerson states that she has always been interested in pattern and texture even though her formal education in the arts was in New York City during the dominance of the abstract expressionists.  During this time she studied with Raphael Soyer, Jules Olitsky, Philip Guston, Ad Rheinhardt and James Ernst.  Despite her study of abstract expressionism, she was unable to resist the lure of the narrative in her own work.


Meyerson states that for her the narrative and the aesthetic are one and the challenge of making them work together yields the art.  Currently her paintings are peopled with many individuals - they may be interacting on Queens Boulevard, a street fair in Manhattan, a tag sale in Chatham, on the streets or in the parks of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in her own home or in her imagination.  The people in her paintings are derived from both direct observation and her memories formed from a lifetime of people watching.  Meyerson says that she likes the people in her paintings and feels empathy for them as they go about their activities.  All of them are informed in some way by her own life experiences.